Marrakesh, with its quality of secret and exoticism, asks to be investigated! Set out on an excursion of revelation across this old city that has been noticeable in forming the set of experiences and culture of Morocco. 

The city was established in Promotion 1062 by a clan leader of the Almoravid lord Youssuf Ibn Tashfin. From its unassuming beginnings as a post of the Almoravids, desert champions who were joined to their Islamic religion, Marrakesh today is a lively city where innovation meets custom. Plan to be stunned by the resourcefulness of old Andalusian skilled workers who utilized a mix of Saharan and African practices to give the city its remarkable structural person. 

The Almoravids are additionally credited with planning the mind boggling arrangement of khettara (organization of underground water system trenches) to carry water to the city from the High Map book mountains. A significant number of Marrakesh’s castles and mosques were destroyed in the twelfth 100 years by people with significant influence and new designs rose in their place, like the Koutoubia mosque. 

From that point forward, the city has been on a chaotic ride of brilliance and decline which has molded its ongoing structure. From the middle age vibe of the old medina (old walled area of town) to the captivating bars, eateries, and craftsmanship displays in Guéliz the French quarter of the city, see everything in a day! However, with a population approaching a million, Marrakech remains the capital of the sout of Morocco and, although it is now only Morocco’s fourth city after Casablanca, Fès and Rabat, its fabulous palaces and luxuriant palm still hold a powerful fascination for visitors.

For travelers who want an indulgent and fascinating Morocco getaway, Marrakesh is the perfect destination. For travelers interested in learning how to make traditional dishes with local ingredients, we arrange private cooking classes and bread-baking workshops.