Merzouga, with its mystical sand dunes that soar up to 350 meters, gives you a taste of life in the Sahara Desert. Sitting on the edge of Erg Chebbi, a network of sand dunes that is 3 miles wide and 31 miles long, this remote hamlet is the ideal gateway for camel safaris in the dunes. The spectacular peaks of sand towering over the landscape change their hue as day transitions into night. Prepare to be captivated by the entrancing silhouettes of camel trains traversing the desert. Get a glimpse into the Berber way of life as we set out on the journey to unravel the secrets of this beautiful region that has retained its timeless charm over the centuries. 

Merzouga is famous for its location at the foot of the photogenic Erg Chebbi dunes. At sunrise or dusk, the half- light gives the sand a fascina- ting range of colours. Although they are nearer to Rissani, both Merzouga and the Erg Chebbi dunes are easier to reach from Erfoud. A guide is not necessary, except when high winds whip up the sand. From Erfoud, going in the direction of Taouz, the road degenerates into a track after 16 km (10 miles). Beyond the Auberge Derkaoua, follow the line of telegraph poles, and the dunes come into view on the left. 

At Merzouga, camel drivers offer one-hour to two- day tours. Dayet Srji, a small lake west of the village, some- times fills with water during the winter, after sudden rain- fall. It attracts hundreds of pink flamingos, storks and other migratory birds.